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Why TeleDentistry?

Skip long waiting room times and connect with Dental experts quickly when it’s convenient for you. Not to mention, TeleDentistry appointments:

●    Allow you to easily communicate with your Dentist via text or call
●    Involve less paperwork than standard office visits
●    Are shorter than in-office visits - often, they are done in 10 minutes or less
●    Include a thorough COVID-19 screening

When to Use TeleDentistry

TeleDentistry helps address your oral health issue, diagnose your problem, and lets you get treatment from the comfort of your home or during your busy day at the office. TeleDentistry can be a great option for:

●    Consultations
●    Diagnosing an emergency
●    Getting at-home treatment advice about toothaches, swelling, or broken/chipped teeth
●    Asking your dentist questions about dentistry/treatment options
●    Getting clarification on post-procedure recovery instructions
●    Asking product questions
●    Learning more about insurance or payment plans
●    Getting a second opinion from a dental expert

In some cases, your dentist may recommend an in-office follow-up appointment after a TeleDentistry appointment.

What to Expect at Your TeleDentistry Appointment

Interested in a TeleDentistry appointment? Just call (859) 309-1356 to get started with your online visit with the dental professionals. The dentist will talk to you about your oral health issue/concern or provide information on products/insurance/payment options.

In situations involving dental emergencies or other oral health issues, your doctor may provide you with at-home treatment instructions, prescribe medication such as antibiotics, or recommend that you make an in-person follow-up appointment at the office.

Virtual Appointments

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