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Thank you for considering Smart Dental Hygiene Express for your oral health care needs. If you are in pain or have a concerning need, it will be addressed immediately. If not, enjoy our new patient experience which was developed by Dr. Jerry Mayes and Dr. Tina McGeorge-Mayes after decades of listening to what patients really want. What we heard is that patients want to be in charge of their oral health care. People are saying, "Your approach is so different than anything I have ever been used to before."

That's why with Smart Dental you will find:

We listened to you and yes, you can "get your teeth cleaned TODAY!" There is no hassle with our exclusive HYGIENE EXPRESS.

Your exam findings and recommendations are yours. While we have some of the most highly-qualified and experienced doctors and team members, you are still welcome to take your exam results anywhere you please. We will make available to you all of your digital records, including:

With our state-of-the-art tools, you will receive the most complete and accurate dental exam available. And guess what ... it's yours to keep for a lifetime! We are not pushy. So, if you want a second opinion, have another office provide treatment, or do nothing at all, that's okay.

We are, however, very proud of our fees. So much so that we have made a point to--even while providing the highest quality of care--set our fees below the average for this area. Actually, we are so proud of our fees that we have posted them on this website.

Most importantly, we treat our patients like our family. We will make the best suggestions on products and services that we would want for ourselves, our family members and people we care about; but it's 100% your decision. No judgment.

We know you are busy, and we don't want to waste your time or ours. Therefore, we have developed expedient procedures.

  1. Make an appointment. online or call for assistance
  2. Complete your quick online registration, or we can help with that if you prefer.
  3. The New Patient Concierge will complete your digital records.
  4. While you have your initial cleaning, your exam records will be uploaded to your personal patient file. This file is then viewed by our in-house doctor as well as digitally sent to our team of dental specialists for review and treatment recommendations. This could include other general dentists, implant specialists, orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons and whoever is appropriate for providing you with an extremely accurate plan of treatment.

At the conclusion of your appointment, we will discuss our findings and give you treatment recommendations based on three categories:

  1. Treatment of immediate needs of teeth or gum disease
  2. Recommendations for optimal "wants and desires" you may have
  3. Oral hygiene instruction and other recommendations for a lifetime of optimal oral health

We are very confident that you will love your experience with us!

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