TMJ Treatment/Teeth Grinding

Put an End to Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment in Lexington

Clenching and teeth grinding are two behaviors that often happen during sleep when you may not even be aware of them. For something you don’t even know you’re doing, they can cause lots of problems. They’ve been linked to a painful condition called TMJ disorder (TMD). They can also chip, crack, or otherwise damage your teeth. Fortunately, we can stop these harmful behaviors with TMJ treatment in Lexington.

Our treatment will:

  • Relieve jaw pain caused by stress on your temporomandibular joints (TMJ)
  • Help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up without a sore jaw
  • Help you avoid restorative dental care to fix teeth damaged by grinding
  • Keep jaw tension and pain from spreading to your neck and shoulders
  • Eliminate symptoms like headaches and lockjaw

We’ll look for signs of teeth grinding and TMJ trouble during your dental exams. If you suspect you may have a TMJ disorder, however, call us today at (859) 309-1356. If you’re a new patient, ask about our $99 exam special.

Stop Your TMJ Pain With a Custom Mouthguard

Our dentists can fit you for a custom mouthguard that will keep you from clenching your jaw and/or grinding your teeth. These habits can put hundreds of pounds of pressure on your jaw. A mouthguard relieves this pressure, which gives your TMJ a chance to heal.

Our custom mouthguard will fit your mouth perfectly because it’s made using impressions of your teeth. If you’re suffering from TMD, you may find it painful to open and close your mouth and therefore to bite down on the putty-like material usually used to make impressions. Our scanner allows us to make digital impressions quickly and easily without discomfort.

Don’t ignore TMJ symptoms, which may include frequent headaches and earaches, facial swelling, ringing in the ears, and pain when chewing. For effective TMJ treatment in Lexington, call Smart Dental at (859) 309-1356.

Common Questions About TMJ Treatment

What is the best TMJ treatment?

TMJ treatment ranges from simple stretching exercises to orthodontics or even surgery. In general, it’s best to use the most conservative treatment possible that relieves your pain. For many people, that is a custom mouthguard they wear at night (and sometimes also during the day). It relieves pressure on the jaw so it can heal. It also stops teeth grinding and clenching, two habits seen in many TMJ sufferers.

How long does TMJ treatment take?

The length of TMJ treatment varies, depending on several factors including the severity of your symptoms. We treat TMJ with a custom mouthguard that not only relieves pressure on your jaw, giving it a chance to heal, but also keeps you from grinding your teeth. Since a grinding habit can damage your tooth enamel, many people continue to wear it at night to protect their teeth.

Will insurance pay for TMJ treatment?

The only way to know for sure if insurance covers TMJ treatment is for us to review your insurance benefits. It’s possible a custom mouthguard may be covered under a medical plan or a dental plan. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great deal of consistency in coverage of TMJ treatment. Some states require health insurance policies to cover TMJ treatment on the same basis as other joint disorders.

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