3D scans are soon to be the standard of care for dental radiology, but currently, less than 1% of dental offices have this technology. At Smart Dental, we can use 3D scans to give us superior diagnostic abilities to solve complex problems. For example, detection of sinus issues from undiagnosed dental problems is one of the many capabilities of 3D technology.

3D CT Scan in Lexington, Kentucky

Using zero radiation, the iTero Element can take a complete scan of your entire mouth. The scan is immediately displayed on the iTero touchscreen and can easily be manipulated to show simulated treatment outcomes. Best of all, the iTero eliminates the need for those messy impressions.

iTero Digital Scan in Lexington, Kentucky

Oral Cancer Screening - VELscope

According to the National Cancer Institute, there were over 50,000 new cases of oral cancer in the U.S. last year. We are very concerned, and we take extra precautions to provide the ultimate oral cancer screening, and we always do a visual screening at every checkup appointment.

In addition to our visual exam, we also use the latest screening technology, the VELscope. The VELscope uses UV light technology that allows us to detect damaged or pre-cancerous cells much earlier than using the simple visual approach, resulting in a much better prognosis of treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening - VELscope in Lexington, Kentucky


A bite guard (night guard) is an appliance that is made to protect teeth against grinding (bruxism), usually during sleep. Bite guards can be made of different materials---hard or soft--and can be placed on either upper or lower arch. Use of a proper-fitting bite guard can help relieve TMJ pain and headaches and prevent wear on teeth.

Bite Guard in Lexington, Kentucky

A major cause of tooth sensitivity is exposed root surface. At Smart Dental, we have a product called Seal & Protect that we can apply to those exposed areas to significantly reduce sensitivity AND provide protection. Seal & Protect is a clear coating that is applied in just minutes, with no numbing or drilling, just instant relief.

Desensitizer in Lexington, Kentucky

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